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Nonton Film Hijrah Cinta (2014) Subtitle Indonesia

Hijrah Cinta (2014)

Genre: Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 116 MinView: 52 views

Nonton Film Online Cineplexxi Hijrah Cinta (2014) Subtitle Indonesia The story of the late Ustadz Al-Jeffri Buchori aka Uje, also known as sociable Ustad. Young Uje drift in the pleasures of the world. He wastes his talents: talented actor, famous model, even a future. Because of his behavior, he is shunned by friends and companions. Even the hope of a mother who wants her children not to waste life, must surrender to face reality. Acquainted with a girl named , his life. He is so impressed after the first glance. also believe that the man she loves has a determination to change his life. not only to witness the of life, but also to save Uje from drugs.

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