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Nonton Film Mengejar Malam Pertama (2014) Subtitle Indonesia

Mengejar Malam Pertama (2014)

Genre: Comedy
Quality: Year: Duration: 90 MinView: 73 views

Nonton Film Online Cineplexxi Mengejar Malam Pertama (2014) Subtitle Indonesia Doni often changes partner. So his ask him to get . Suggested by Bang Jon, chicken noodle hawker, Doni organizes an audition to find a wife. None of the candidates are chosen. Unintentionally, he meets with at a hospital. It turns out that is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Broto, friends of Doni’s . Doni and Gsyta finally get . Doni approves his parents arranged match with one personal reason: sex. Unfortunately, the much expected fails just because something trivial. There are many things that make the kept pending: the neighbor’s house is on fire, the bed collaps, wrong drug consumption, in-laws who nag, until ’s menstruation. Obsession of the makes Doni discover the meaning of a marriage, which was not just sex.

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